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About YUGO

What is YUGO?

YUGO is a motosharing service in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza. It consists in renting electric scooters per minute, paying only for your drive and having an available urban transport which is easy, fast, comfortable, sustainable and quiet. Ride electric scooters in your city whenever and wherever you want!

How sustainable is the system really?

To make a comparison, riding a YUGO scooter uses half the energy of a toaster to take you around the city at 50km/h. Even taking into account the emissions produced in the power plants where the batteries are made, YUGO emits 2% of the emissions of a car driving around the city. Moreover, almost all parts of the scooter are recyclable, including the battery.

Who is the scooter manufacturer?

The manufacturing of the scooters and their individual pieces for reparations is an externalized process from YUGO assigned to the German company Emco.

What do I need to know about riding an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are very quiet: pedestrians, animals or other people and vehicles you may find in your way might not hear you passing by, so make sure that they see you and do not hesitate to use the horn to avoid dangerous situations. They are also very reactive to acceleration: specially when they do it from deadlock (0 km/h). During acceleration please be careful not to be surprised by the power and electric traction of the chain.

How many YUGO are currently in the city?

We have been running the company for only a year by now; nevertheless our fleet already amounts to 61 scooters in Barcelona and we will double the fleet by beginning of summer. Moreover, our YUGO Ranger (if you are looking for job, checkout our career section) team takes care of them being correctly distributed around the city so you can always have a scooter nearby.

How can I recognize a YUGO scooter?

If there is something that differentiates a YUGO from other scooters, it is its characteristic light green colour. Plus they have identification stickers with the brand name and logo. But this is not all, to recognize every scooter we assigned a personalized name. In this way it is much easier to spot them on the map! The name tag is placed in the inside part of the handlebars. Do you want one of them to be called like you? Only our best users get it!

When will YUGO be available in other cities?

We have been alive for a year now, but apart from settling in Barcelona, we are expanding in Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Zaragoza. Little by little, we will be expanding to other spanish cities as well as european one.

How can I stay tuned to all the news that are happening to YUGO?

Stay tuned with us is super easy! You can follow us through our social media:

We also send newsletters with all the information you must know related with the service.

How can I join the YUGO team?

Check our career section in our website for the different positions. We usually have intern positions or to join the rangers team. If you are passionate about the startup world, sustainable mobility and lifestyle, we want you in our team!

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